News Release for Immediate Release, 18 January 2022

An Update from Victoria Hall, Rutland Kino Cinema Proposal

The proposed development of a 2-screen boutique cinema at Victoria Hall in Oakham will not now be going ahead.

Following a meeting between The Victoria Hall Chairman of Trustees Peter Jones and the Directors of Kino, the Trustees were advised, at a meeting on 11th January, that as Kino were unable to confirm contract completion by the pre agreed cut-off date of 31 December 2021, the scheme had lapsed.

The Trustees were asked by Kino to consider a proposal for a 6 month extension to a process that had already been running for 18 months. Due consideration was also given to the duty of Trustees to the current tenants and users of Victoria Hall, and, that a further uncertain 6 months was not
acceptable for their own businesses. Currently 4 different businesses operate out of the Hall and users include yoga and dance classes, along with large group meetings requesting to book the facilities on a regular basis. Trustees felt that because of the pressing need to secure the future of the Hall they regrettably could not accept the proposal, but instead would move swiftly to put into action alternative plans for the future, more centred around the continued community use of the Hall.

The Trustees are encouraged by the enthusiasm demonstrated on social media over the weekend for alternative uses for the Hall and recognise that they would benefit from a fresh approach. Trustees very much look forward to volunteers getting involved to drive forward new ideas and plans to convert these ideas into positive action. They welcome approaches from anyone who has the time, energy and commitment to turn these suggestions into reality. Please contact our Chair of Trustees, Peter Jones, if you feel you can help with this.

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